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We are breeders of Miniature Smooth Haired Dachshunds, and have over 50 years experience with Dachshunds.

Sonree is our kennel name, although this is a little misleading, as we have no kennel. All our dogs are reared indoors, in the comfort of our home. They are bred for temperament, soundness and type.

Selectively breeding... quietly achieving


History of the Sonree Pedigree:

When I was eight years old my parents were given a three year old Dachshund. She was a standard smooth female and her name was Suzie. She lived to the age of twelve.

In 1974, I moved into the Penrith district with my husband and our children. We then purchased our first miniature smooth haired dachshund, a female we named Trudi. We had Trudi for many years, and then her daughter Amanda (Mandy) until the age of fourteen. In 1989 we decided to purchase another dachshund.

We purchased Zwerg Golden Girl (Heike) from Glad Cowie. Heike was a special girl, who had the best nature and was adored by all for her lovely temperament. Although Heike was not shown, she was very sound and her blood lines were excellent.

We mated her to Ch Sievol All I Really Need (Oscar), who was owned by Gordon and Robin Campbell. This mating produced our first Australian Champion Sonree Dancing In The Dark (Charlotte). Charli produced three champions, Ch.Sonree Midnite Mariner ,Ch.Sonree Starlite Cha Cha and Ch.Sonree Midnite Ecstasy.

Cha Cha went on to produce her own wonderful champions for us, Grand Champion Sonree Starlite Quixtep (Pete), Ch. Sonree Midnite Magnolia, Ch. Sonree Starlite Flamenco, Ch. Sonree Starlite Chaconne and Ch. Sonree Starlite Kazatzka.

Their progeny Ch. Sonree Starlite Gypsytap, Ch. Sonree Starlite Rioswing, Ch. Sonree Starlite Czardas, Sonree Trouble In Mind are now producing their own show winners Ch. Sonree Royal Flush, Ch. Sonree Trouble No More and our new baby boy Sonree Kiwi Ariki.